Welcome to the Family, Puppies

Boutique Paws is excited to announce that soon in 2015 we will be welcoming to our family the sale of puppies.

We have spent hundreds of hours spread out over more than a year speaking with dozens of breeders, suppliers, vets, and community groups, and researching the absolute best puppies that we can ethically supply to ensure that the puppies we deal with come from warm and loving homes, and will be sold back into the same.

We only stock from registered and home breeders from Australia, and ensure the treatment of our puppies, and their parents are not only legal, but entirely ethical. We do not, and will not, stock from puppy farms and unregistered commercial breeders.

We will be using our website to show people which puppies we have as they come in but we will not be selling our puppies over the internet. We want to ensure that each and every puppy goes to the best home possible, and while you can put a deposit down to hold a puppy over the phone, we will not be completing any sales until you come meet the puppy in person. We encourage the whole family to come and meet the puppy to make sure it's the best fit for your family. We also welcome visitors to inspect the conditions and facilities that we have for our puppies, as we are confident that all the puppies that come through our store are going to be looked after to the best practical level possible.

Each of our puppies will have had their first vet check, including their first round of immunisations against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo virus and Kennel Cough, as well their microchip inserted. We will not sell any sick or injured puppies, and we offer a health guarantee with everyone of our puppies. What happens to sick and injured puppies? We care for them until they are better! We are members of the Australian Pet Industry Association and we do not destroy animals just because we can't sell them or care for them ourselves. We will also be offering a service for all the families that choose a puppy through us that at anytime- whether it's 2 weeks, or 10 years down the track, that if they feel they can no longer fulfil the pet's needs, we will assist by re-homing the animal. We want the best life for every pet.

We will be providing a "Puppy Pack" for each of the families that choose a puppy, which will consist of general puppy information and training to aid families that have never owned a puppy before; the family and location of where the puppy originated; common health problems that may occur in certain breeds of puppies and how to minimise those risks; and proper feeding and toilet training techniques. We want to teach responsible pet ownership.

Rather than selling our puppies online, we will soon be re-launching our online store, which will be a range of accessories, food, and grooming products available for your pets. 

We understand that many people have unsure thoughts about buying puppies from pet shops, and this has long been perpetuated as many pet shops have helped further the 'dirty' puppy-farm industry. We will not do this, and the relationships we make with the puppies that come through our door, will be relationships we strive to keep alive for the rest of our lives. We invite anyone from the public who has questions or comments about our plans to provide puppies to Adelaide families to contact us by email at contact@boutiquepaws.com.au