Dog Washing & Grooming: A New Addition

Matthew and Brodie at Boutique Paws are pleased to announce that as part of their vision to provide a one-stop destination spot for all dog and puppy related needs, they intend to grow their business to begin providing dog washing and grooming services in 2016.

Boutique Paws considers this a vital aspect to our business moving forward. We’ve gauged interested over the last four months, and with essentially every other customer asking if we provide Grooming services, we see a definite need. We believe that by providing this grooming service, we will not only increase foot traffic along the Glen Osmond area, it will increase customer numbers for other local businesses and help both the local economy and community grow.

Part of the process for this is an application to the City of Unley council to allow an extension of the use of the shop, from retail to providing a service. The City of Unley council has been working closely with Boutique Paws to allow this to happen, and naturally want to ensure that this is a service that will not negatively impact any surrounding businesses or residential homes. We have agreed with the local council on a number of pets to be on premise at any one time, to ensure that noise levels, staffing levels, and car park requirements are met. Our aim with this growth is to provide additional services to the area, never to negatively impact anyone already in the community.

These are exciting times for Boutique Paws and our customers, and we look forward to keeping everyone in the loop with what our plans are. We will soon be submitting our final application to council, and as part of that we will be providing evidence that local businesses and residents see this as an added benefit to the area, and not as a potential detraction.


You can help us with our application by clicking here and filling out our form to show the City of Unley Council that this is a business that local residents would like to see happen!