Round-Up September

This month we're doing a donation round -up to help our charity partner, Labs 'n' Life.

This charity helps raise Labradors as companion dogs for people living with emotional and intellectual impairments. We know how much we love our dogs, and we know these dogs would mean the world to those that Labs 'n' Life helps.

We're doing 2 things to help this month:

1. Round-Up! 

When you make a purchase in-store we'll be asking you if you would like to round-up your purchase to the nearest whole-dollar. The difference will then be donated to Labs 'n' Life. 

For example, if you buy a treat for $1.50 we'll ask if you would like to round up to $2, with the $0.50 difference being donated to Labs 'n' Life. 

2. Donation for Cuddles

Each week we get dozens of people come in for a cuddle with our pups- which we love! This month we'll be asking for a gold coin donation from each person that wants a cuddle. We think this will not only help raise some amazing funds for Labs n' Life, but will also help raise awareness. Just like we love our cuddles, the people that Labs help get so much out of their companion dog.

You can also donate online below: