Adventure Walks

We all lead busy lives these days, and unfortunately this means that our canine friends sometimes end up sitting at home on the couch, day after day and while we want to play with them when we get home, we're just too beat! Does that sound only too familiar? 

Don't worry, we're here to help. Boutique Paws is now offering Dog Adventure Walks!

We'll come and pick up your pooch from your house, take them for their walk, and return them making sure they've had a day full of fun and energy, home in time for cuddles from you. Not just a walk around the park though, we take your dog out and about- local creeks, hills, forests, or any dog friendly adventure zone nearby!

How many dogs will mine be walked with?

This can be negotiated on a per pet basis, but usually 3-5 dogs may be walked at anyone time. It should go without saying that more small breed dogs can be managed than large breed dogs.

If your dog has socialisation issues, or issues with other dogs, then we can make sure this is catered for. 

Where will you walk my dog?

This will depend on where you are. If there's a group of dogs in one particular area, we'll make sure they get a walk around a local dog adventure park, national park, creek, hills, forest, or walking track. If you live near a creek or beach that allows dogs, we'll take them there. We will, of course, only take them where you want them to go!

We want your pooch to have a great day out, and to us, this does not mean hitting the sidewalk of a suburban block. We'll make sure your pooch gets new things to see, and new scents to smell!

Are there any dogs that you don't walk?

We'll try to cater for any type of dog, however there are two situations where we can't help, unfortunately. We do not take dogs that have a history of aggression towards humans (we can't put our safety to the side, or we won't be able to help your dog!), and we don't take dogs that are not vaccinated. We strongly advocate for the vaccination of puppies and dogs, and do not want to take onboard the risk of an unvaccinated dog.


Day / Duration 1st Dog 2nd Dog
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm $45 $30
Monday - Friday 5pm onwards $55 $40
Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm $55 $40
Public Holidays $60 $40

Some More Information

  • We only walk the dogs in favourable conditions.If the BOM forecasts the temperature in Adelaide to reach 33°C or above, or heavy rain, we will need to post-pone your dog's walk. We don't mind some light drizzle, so long as it's safe for us, and your dog!
  • If you have pre-paid for your walk, this will be held in credit for the very next available time that suits you, and we'll take your pooch out then. 
  • The above fees start and end with the walk, and no charge is payable for the collection/drop-off of your pooch.