Puppy & Dog Minding


When looking for someone to look after your dog, we know that you're going to spend hours researching all the places you can find to make sure you pick the right place. We know that we'll live up to those expectations.

We don't offer "cheapest" because cheapest doesn't equate to quality. Our prices are competitive, but our service is second to none. When it comes to your dog, we know there are more important factors besides cost.

Firstly, your dog/s will be staying with two dog crazy lovers in their own family home. You can be assured that your dog will not be staying in some production line boarding kennel. No small cages. No unfamiliar faces every shift.  Secondly, we have our own little pup who means the world to us (we'd die if anything happened to him!) and so you can be assured your dog will be treated exactly the same.

Where Will My Dog Be Staying?

Our family home is in Melrose Park, South Australia. It's a reasonably sized two bedroom house with a large enclosed lawned area. We're 10 minutes from the beach and there's an enclosed dog park at the end of our street. With your permission and at the dogs preference, we're happy to take the dog for some exercise at either location. 

If your dog is an indoor dog, they'll be able to sleep in their bed besides our pup, who sleeps in our lounge room. For little puppies that aren't yet house trained, we generally have them in our kitchen / back area where they can use puppy mats. For outdoor dogs, we have an enclosed court yard where they'll be happy. 

What can we expect for our dog?

Only the best. Between us, there's usually one of us home most of the day and we'll make sure your dog is cared for like they're on holidays, while you're away. We'll make sure they get the right type and amount of food, they're exercised, and get more than enough play time.

If your dog has any additional, or specific needs, we can negotiate these and make sure your dog is cared for as need be.

 Day Price
Two or More Nights $55/night
Single Nights & Public Holidays $75/night
Weekly $350/7 nights
Monthly $1300/month


Do you have any questions, or want to make a booking? Give us a call today 1300 697 297.


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